For a few years Morrowind was a big part of my life, while I no longer mod for it I still like to keep my mods available for others, hence this website. I also dabbled for a while with Poser, something I may even return to one day, you can see my efforts in the gallery.

Big thanks to all those who have used my mods over the years, and the people who have taken the time to tell me they enjoyed both my mods and poser art.


Thought it was about time I made this place catch up with modern technology so it now has a responsive theme, my html skills are rather rusty so please excuse the disarray while I get the place sorted out 😳 I confess I’m a bit of a dinosaur with some things, I don’t own a smart phone or tablet but have tested it with online sites that check if it’s responsive and google gave it a thumbs up so I’m guessing I did okay 😆

Update: 2 July 2015

Formatting is sorted at last, in the future I plan to bring all my screenshots here instead of on the Coppermine gallery so I only have one place to keep updated, plus it means responsive pictures too, but for now I’m finished.

Update: 12 February 2017

Almost two years later I finally get around to moving the screenshots and poser renders, and mainly because Coppermine and my web host had php/mysql version disagreements.

I still don’t own a smartphone but I do at least have a tablet now, so that’s some progress I guess 😛

Did a routine update of WordPress today and discovered my screenshot gallery wasn’t working, no idea how long that had been offline but it’s now all fixed and screenshots including all the Better Clothes ones are once more available.

Screenshot Gallery Link

(Yes, I do still check this place occasionally :P)

Updated WordPress and it broke one of my plugins, unfortunately it’s the one that did my images so currently there are no pictures showing up on the tutorials page, and I’ve lost my little gallery widget from the sidebar 🙁 hopefully I can fix this shortly, if not I shall have to edit the tutorial pages and put the pictures in the old fashioned way.

Progress eh 🙄

Oh and btw I have moved to France and it’s a bank holiday weekend and my host is being a bit temperamental so the whole site might be a tad hit and miss, sorry 😕

UPDATE: after much fiddling and frustration found the problem and normal service has resumed 😛

I haven’t uploaded a Poser render since December 07 😯 but yesterday I was installing an update to Bryce (another program I wanted to learn but never found the time) and it said about using the latest Daz Studio, the two programs interact, so I went to get that and found they were giving away a free safari pack, well how could I resist.

I also got a few more freebies while I was there and decided to play about with them, I’m a little rusty as I haven’t really touched poser for ages other than the odd animation for Second Life but it soon came back to me and I enjoyed it 🙂

Elephants ~ my latest render

WARNING: clicking the above link will take you to my gallery while the linked image is okay the gallery does contain some artistic nudity.

No I am not modding again, this is something that I started, according to some file dates in 2008 and never finished. It has often been on my mind to finish it, there was so little that needed doing so today I sat down and got on with it.

Dryads Revamped


I have long been of a mind to combine some of my Dryad mods, there are so many and some with older versions of Better Bodies it gets a bit of a muddle. Well quite some time ago Spirited Treasure asked me about releasing some new heads in a separate mod and this prompted me to do my often thought of revamp including the new heads. So all my old head textures have been made over with new more expressive eyes and better skin, the body has also had a bit of toning thanks to Alien Slofs muscles, I also made some new dresses based on a picture Spirited Treasure showed me.

And thanks to Ren and Kateri there are also quite a few more hairstyles and shades to choose from.

More info and screenshots on the races page.

All this was finished months ago but I’m afraid I got myself involved in an MMORPG for a while and it all got forgotten along with everything else I should have been doing 😳 I have since come to my senses but still didn’t get around to doing this mod.

Just found out that I made a mistake with my eye mod, a tiny thing of leaving a single letter off the folder name characters, I put character instead.

Uploaded a fixed copy here, PES and Tesnexus, and in future I will triple check my typing 😳

For the last few weeks I have been playing Oblivion again, when it was first released I was very much in a Morrowind mindset and couldn’t take to it that well, but now three years on I find i’m really enjoying it.

Well today I went on a search for new eye textures, I didn’t want a big eye mod just something to change the default eyes, I found a couple but still not really what I was after, so I decided to make my own, when I showed them to Regan he asked if it was going to be a mod, originally it wasn’t but I thought no reason not to so I’ve uploaded them here.

When I get round to it I shall upload to PES and ElricM as well. Possibly even Tesnexus as it seems to be the place for Oblivion mods.

You can find the new mod and screenshots on the races page here

Update: Now also available at PES and Tesnexus

A bit of behind the scenes fiddling going on at the moment, made a new theme and some things need adjusting, all downloads should be fine it’s just minor image alignments and things that need fixing, please bear with me while I sort them out 🙂