Thought it was about time I made this place catch up with modern technology so it now has a responsive theme, my html skills are rather rusty so please excuse the disarray while I get the place sorted out 😳 I confess I’m a bit of a dinosaur with some things, I don’t own a smart phone or tablet but have tested it with online sites that check if it’s responsive and google gave it a thumbs up so I’m guessing I did okay 😆

Update: 2 July 2015

Formatting is sorted at last, in the future I plan to bring all my screenshots here instead of on the Coppermine gallery so I only have one place to keep updated, plus it means responsive pictures too, but for now I’m finished.

Update: 12 February 2017

Almost two years later I finally get around to moving the screenshots and poser renders, and mainly because Coppermine and my web host had php/mysql version disagreements.

I still don’t own a smartphone but I do at least have a tablet now, so that’s some progress I guess 😛

A bit of behind the scenes fiddling going on at the moment, made a new theme and some things need adjusting, all downloads should be fine it’s just minor image alignments and things that need fixing, please bear with me while I sort them out 🙂