These tutorials were written to give beginners a head start in modding.


How To Build A House

This tutorial explains the basics of world building and shows you how to build a simple house, once you’ve grasped the basics the sky’s the limit!

The file comes in pdf format so you will need a pdf reader.



Dialogue Basics

This tutorial explains how to make new dialogue for Morrowind. As well as explaining the different types and functions there is also a walkthrough of how the included esp file, Calislahn’s Dialogue Challenge, was made to help give an idea of what can be done using dialogue to make quests.

The zip file contains the tutorial in Doc format and the example mod.

I will not claim that it covers every aspect of dialogue, I’m quite sure it doesn’t but it will help get you started.


Perceptual Motion Tutorials

The following tutorials were copied over from the old Perceptual Motion Forums and help explain how to texture and create new items for the game.

Easy way to use resource mods ~ by Calislahn

Texturing for dummies……and not-so-dummies ~ by Bravo1 & Calislahn

Setting up new clothing or armour ~ by Calislahn

Putting your face into Morrowind ~ by Bravo1