This page contains mods that either have items which can be freely used as modder resources or used as mods in their own right, or models that I have made which can be used as resources. All I ask is that you give me a credit in your readme.

odoloPhijama’s Bow Resource Merchant

This adds a merchant to the Seyda Neen Lighthouse to sell you Phijama’s bows and arrows rather than the player just being able to pick them up.

Originally made for my own use as I wanted my character to buy them as it felt too easy for me to get off the boat and just go get them.

All the stats are as they were the only thing I did was add more arrows so he will sell you up to 200 of each type.

They should all respawn due to how Phijama set up the barrel in the first place but I haven’t tested that.

Not strictly speaking a resource mod as such but seemed the best place to put it, it’s for a resource mod so I suppose it counts 😀

This is an esp only you need to get the original resource mod to use it. Just check this esp instead of the one that came with the resource *DO NOT USE BOTH*

Download Phijama’s mod at Morrowind Mod History


alfricNew Bedrolls


Alfric Wolfsbane sells transportable bedrolls and has set up stall near the Temple in Gnisis.

Carry your own bed and you can sleep anywhere without penalty!


teasetCali’s Kitchen


This was my first attempt at modelling, not a very complicated model I know but I love tea and felt Morrowind needed more of it.

The teapot model has also proved to be the most widely used thing I have ever made and appears in numerous other mods so it just goes to show i’m not the only person who loves tea.

This mod adds a Silverware and Redware teaset, storage jars, a saucepan and frying pan to Arrille’s Tradehouse in Seyda Neen


mannBetter Bodies Mannequins

This mod places ten male and ten female wooden placeable mannequins into a storeroom in Hla Oad that are free to take.

The mannequins can also be used as a resource for your own mods but you must change the id’s to prevent conflicts. More instructions are contained within the readme file.


bobCali’s Opticians

Bob has opened an opticians in Sadrith Mora who sells armoured glasses, glasses and sunglasses.

This is for those of you who don’t mod but would like glasses for your characters. See below for the glasses resource



These were made for me by Regan to go with my custom head, but due to some interest in glasses I decided to release them as a resource.

The zip includes two physiqued alpha enabled meshes , one left knee the other neck, UV map and a glasses case


gingerGinger Jar

I made this quite some time ago when I was trying to learn a bit of modelling, the shape was inspired by an oriental ginger jar given to me as a present some years back.


storageStorage Jar

This is a properly uvmapped version of the jar from my kitchen mod.


basketCat Basket

I made this for a mod project I was involved in a couple of years back, the mod never got finished and it has sat on my hard drive ever since. That seemed a waste so I have decided to release it.

Currently uses default Bethesda textures but can easily be retextured