eyesOblivion Eyes Texture Replacer


This is something I made primarily for my own use, I wanted nicer eyes and most of the mods I looked at added a ton of different ones when all I wanted were nicer defaults. So using the Bethesda textures as a base and an eye texture resource I bought some time ago I made my own.

Basically this just replaces the default eye textures with new enhanced ones for the following:

  • Default (blue)
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Dark Elf
  • Orc
  • Khajiit
  • Vampire

Also included is an enhanced copy of the reanimate eye texture, although to be truthful I have absolutely no idea what uses it, zombies maybe *shrug* but I saw it in the default textures and did it anyway.

I have not done the Argonians as I don’t mind their eyes as they are, what I have done though is enlarged the texture to match the size of the others and sharpened it a bit. It’s not that noticeable a difference but I decided I might as well include it too.

The only one I didn’t do at all was the Dremora, I personally wasn’t bothered about that one and I know there are other mods out there for those that would like them.

Minor update to this file on 16/9/09 due to a mistake with the extraction file path, I missed the ‘s’ off of characters, apologies to anybody who has had hassle getting it to work properly.


dryadDryads Revamped


This mod is a combined and revamped version of some of my dryad mods, it includes revamped versions of my original body and head textures, some new heads and a leafy hairstyle by Spirited Treasure and even more hairstyles by Ren and Kateri. I have also made three new dresses with matching shoes. There are several skin options, including nude, pg and a new lacy permanent underwear version.

Included in this mod:

  • Cali’s BB V.2 Dryad Dresses
  • Cali RTS Fairy Dryad Addon
  • Cali’s Dryad Robes
  • Cali RTS Winged Dryad Dresses for morrowind races

More info on the playable race can be found further down this page. More info on the clothing mods can be found here (scroll down)


Due to its large size this mod only comes in 7z format so you will need an extractor such a 7zip which can be downloaded free from here

fairyFairy Dryad Addon

Requires Dryad Dresses Screenshots

Expanding on my original Dryad Dress mod this makes the Dryads a playable race and adds new clothing and wings to the game. Six new ‘fairy’ style outfits consisting of dress, sandals and wings all sold by Xera. She also sells sandals that match the original Dryad dresses. To update to the latest seamless BB models you will need the Dryad Robes mod on the clothing page.

The playable race has 11 heads, five with make up by Kayleena plus a Vampire head and 7 hairstyles some of them with added floral trims.

Race powers:

  • Glammer – Charm target 10 to 30 points for 30 seconds.
  • Conceal – Chameleon 40 to 70 points for 60 seconds.

Race Abilities:

  • Charisma – Fortify Personality by 10 points.
  • Lethargy – Drain Endurance by 10 points.

Statistics: Dryads being agile magical creatures, I have tried to balance their stats more towards magic and personality, not being very combat orientated they are not very strong. They also have a low endurance level because they would normally gain strength from being near their trees and would be weaker and tire more easily away from them (hence the Lethargy ability)

  • Strength = 30
  • Intelligence = 40
  • Willpower = 50
  • Agility = 50
  • Speed = 40
  • Endurance = 30
  • Personality = 40
  • Luck = 30

I have personally played a Dryad mage and they do work very well in those classes.


undiesDryad Underwear Texture

This is an alternative body texture for those who would rather have permanent underwear on their characters. The underwear is done so it will not show under the Dryad Dresses and hopefully most other clothing that is available for Better Bodies. Just replace the old texture with this one.


dehairDryad Hair for Mw Races

All the hairstyles from my Dryad race made playable for the non beast Morrowind races. And yes that even includes Orcs!


falmerSeamless BB Falmer V1.1


Originaly made as a Female only race by Motoki it was expanded on by Lochnarus and myself to include males as well as using the seamless Better Bodies model.

This final update to the mod was after I made some improvements to the male head textures and to add a new improved male Vampire head.

The mod also includes two female robes by Canadian Ice and Hellwolve and a necklace located in a chest in the courtyard of the Customs and Excise Office in Seyda Neen.

The playable race has 6 heads and 9 hairstyles.

Race Powers:

  • Camouflage – Chameleon 50 points for 30 seconds
  • Falmer Touch – Paralyze for 30 seconds

Race Abilities:

  • Magicka Bonus – 10 points
  • Immunity to Frost
  • Weakness to fire – 100 points


  • Strength = 40m 35f
  • Intelligence = 50m 50f
  • Willpower = 40m 45f
  • Agility = 40m 40f
  • Speed = 30m 30f
  • Endurance = 40m 40f
  • Personality = 20m 20f
  • Luck = 50m 50f