For the last few weeks I have been playing Oblivion again, when it was first released I was very much in a Morrowind mindset and couldn’t take to it that well, but now three years on I find i’m really enjoying it.

Well today I went on a search for new eye textures, I didn’t want a big eye mod just something to change the default eyes, I found a couple but still not really what I was after, so I decided to make my own, when I showed them to Regan he asked if it was going to be a mod, originally it wasn’t but I thought no reason not to so I’ve uploaded them here.

When I get round to it I shall upload to PES and ElricM as well. Possibly even Tesnexus as it seems to be the place for Oblivion mods.

You can find the new mod and screenshots on the races page here

Update: Now also available at PES and Tesnexus