I first started working with Daz|Studio towards the end of 2005 and later moved onto Poser. I always enjoyed art at school but my painting skills were nothing special so to be able to create what I visualised using 3D models was wonderful. I enjoyed it at the time and learnt a lot and although I still consider myself a complete novice I would hope that my gradual skill progression is visible when comparing my early renders to the later ones.

Using the skills I learnt making clothing for Morrowind and also some of the newer skills I learnt playing with Poser I created some content for it, I was even a merchant at Renderosity for a while. While those products are long gone now there are still some poser clothes available in the freebies section of the site for Victoria 3 era clothing.

While it is something that I haven’t touched in a long time I have often considered trying my hand at it again someday.

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