Telperion – Ascadian Isles Treehouse


Located South of Vivec’s Telvanni Canton is Telperion a three story Tree House. To become the new owner it’s up to you to free Nissa the fairy from her entrapment in a magical forcefield. It’s a quest that will take you to the snowy land of Solsthiem in search of the only thing that can help you release her, succeed in this quest and Telperion will be yours.

The treehouse comes with the following included:

  • Lower Level – Seating, Dining and Kitchen areas.
  • Middle Level – Alchemy Lab and Storage.
  • Upper Level – Bedroom, Bathroom and Lounge areas.
  • Various diffent types of storage adding up to over 35000 in encumberance. Should be enough for even the most hoard worthy adventurer.
  • A working alchemy sorter can be found on the second floor, just talk to Nissa and she will sort your ingredients into individual jars for you.
  • Also included is a Teleport ring that will bring you and any companions traveling with you back to the house.

NoM Compatible!

Telperion is Necessities of Morrowind compatible, if you don’t use NoM dont worry as the house works just the same without it but if you do use it you will find the following features:

  • Water Sources – The garden well, barrel on the rooftop and the kitchen sink (yes I know that one’s slightly odd but it saves you going outside) now all work as water sources.
  • Oven – The range in the kitchen will now bake bread.
  • Food – The baskets in the kitchen and on the roof now give random miscellaneous NoM ingredients. The sacks on the shelves and roof also contain NoM food and all the random food ingredients dotted about the kitchen are NoM items.
  • Cooking – There is a basic cookbook on the kitchen table along with a mixing bowl, the frying pan is now a NoM one and the teapot has been changed to a Tisane pot.

Zip Format 18mb


7z Format 13mb


Telperion Basement Addon

Requires Telperion Version 1.03

This adds a storage and display basement area to the treehouse, the door can be found under the staircase in the lower level kitchen area.

In the basement you will find:

  • 6 Male Better Bodies Mannequins
  • 6 Female Better Bodies Mannequins
  • 17 chests with 1000 encumberance each
  • 6 large tables
  • 6 enclosed bookcases
  • 2 open bookcases (one of which has 9 of the chests on)


riverhouseBalmora River House


Balmora River House is a small starter home made with new characters in mind, or for those of you who suffer with lag in larger houses full of stuff.

Located between the Temple and the Odai River just outside the city walls it consists of a single room with sleeping area, fireplace, bookshelves and storage, and a basement area with alchemy sorter and extra storage.

Also included is an equipment chest with a few journeyman items to help your new character get started.

The key to the house is on the table in Caius Cosades, if you haven’t spoken to him he will inform you about a note on his table, if you have already spoken to Caius then feel free to go and take them.

The house location does not conflict with Grumpy’s Asgard mod.


If you use Balmora Expansion then download the following file, the house has been moved slightly to avoid conflict.


riverhousekitchen200Balmora River House NoM Kitchen


As a user of Necessities of Morrowind I decided that a kitchen would be a handy addition to the house for those times I choose to add NoM to my game.

This mod adds a new kitchen area to the house, accessed via a trapdoor in the basement.

Includes oven, grill, cooking utensils, ingredients and a Dwemer tap to fill your waterskins and bottles from.

Requires Balmora River House (normal or Balmora expansion version) and Necessities of Morrowind


mormegilMormegil Manor


In complete contrast to the River House Mormegil Manor is built mostly for display, located just outside Pelagiad it has a reasonable sized living area on the first floor then three floors devoted totally to displaying all your hard won treasures.

Inside you will find:

  • Ground floor – living area, bedroom, study with alchemy sorter and some other surprises, teleport ring which goes to all four floors of the house and will also take companions.
  • First floor – three rooms with lots of shelving, tables, display pedestals and cabinets.
  • Second floor – Mannequins and lots of them! Once again three rooms, full of Better Bodies mannequins of both sexes plus some display pedestals.
  • Third floor – three rooms of tables and display pedestals

This house is big and may cause some lag on older machines, especially in the mannequin rooms, but I could walk around it okay and my pc at the time of making this mod was pretty old.


Mormegil Manor Dremora

This alternative version is one I tweaked for my own use.

The inside is as above with a few changes:

  • Instead of fairy summoner globes there is now one in the entrance to summon Rhakyk, a helpful Dremora who offers a few services and some goods for barter plus travel to the vampire headquarters and Balmora Mages guild, the teleport ring will now also summon Rhakyk to take you home.
  • Added a guest bedroom to the ground floor with three single beds, fireplace and storage.
  • The archers on the balcony have been moved out front, given guard class and companion share, they are not companions it is just so you can dress them as you want, and are vampire and criminal friendly, so no arresting the player. As with any guard they will attack aggressive creatures who get too near, they will not help you fight npc’s though.

This is not compatible with the original version and I would not advise swapping them over if you are already using the house in your game.